Framed by Gordon Korman

     Gordon Korman’s Framed is about a boy named Griffin Bing who in the past had been in a lot of trouble. Now he’s accused of stealing the Super Bowl ring that Art Blakenship won in the third Super Bowl. The person accusing Griffin of this is the new principal, Dr. Egan. Griffin calls him Dr. Evil because he pretty much turned the morning homeroom class into a training session for football players, and he’s accusing Griffin of the crime. Will Griffin find justice, or will he be framed forever? This book is fiction. The theme is to never lose hope and stand up for what is right.

     There are two other books in the series of which this book is in. This one is the last one. It might make it just a tiny bit easier to read them in order, but that doesn’t realy matter. You could just get this book for a good read. There’s nothing fancy to it, but it’s still a nice book. There are some strengths and some weaknesses in this book. Some strengths are that there are no very dull parts, but there aren’t many very exciting parts either. I think that it’s an overall well-written book.

     I would recommend this book to people who enjoy mysteries. Three  resons for this are that you can sort of be the detective, it will keep you reading most of the time, and there are well-developed characters.

The Pilgrim’s Progress in Today’s English Part 1 by John Bunyan: retold by James H. Thomas

     This novel, The Pilgrim’s Progress in Today’s English Part 1 by John Bunyan: retold by James H. Thomas, is about a man named Christian who comes from the City of Destruction seeking everlating life in the Celestial City. He leaves his hometown with a burden on his back representing his sins. On his pilgramage, he goes through many tough choices. He has to chose the right ones to make it to the Celestial Ciy for him to live forever. The genre of this book is an allegory, and the theme of the book is to trust in the Lord and and don’t be afraid.

     John Bunyan achieved his purpose in righting this novel. His purpose was for the readers to see the importance of God and eternal life with Him in Heaven. He shows through the character Christian the difficulties there are in life of achieving this goal. This book would be a great read-aloud for anyone. This is because it tells everyone listening to who’s reading it the lesson that lies within the book. It describes what you could go through in life, but not literally what happens to Christian.

     I recommend this book to anyone for three resons. It teaches the most importnat theme of all, it is interesting in the ways the characters are, and it inspires people of the way they live.

A Whole Nother Story by Dr. Cuthbert Soup

     I read A Whole Nother Story, a novel written be Dr. Cuthbert Soup. This book is about a dad with three kids named Ethan Cheeseman. His wife, Olivia, had died earlier. Mr. Cheesman used much of his time trying to invent a new invetion called the LVR. This machine would be used to bring back the life of Olivia, but if it ended up in the worng hands, something very bad could happen. Now Mr. Cheeseman and his three kids are being tracked down by super secret agents. They will go through many strange and unusual places and even meet an agent monkey! This book is fiction, and the theme of it is family and fun.

     This is the best book I have ever read in my life! The reason I say this is because it’s hilarious, it’s fiction, and it’s a little adventurous. This book has many unique ideas that make it more attention grabbing. This book kept me wanting to read it more, and I’m not a big reader. Also, I think this book would be a good read-aloud for young children. This is because it is easy to understand, it is not inappropriate, and it would keep the people listening to it interested.

     I would recommend this book to anyone. Some reasons for this are that it’s funny and attention grabbing, it’s an easy read, and it has unique characters.

John Feinstein’s book Cover-Up- 298 Pages Down

     I just finished reading this book. It turned out that the book didn’t get much more interesting to me. There was a minor character in this book that ended up being the hero at the end. His name was Jamie Whitsitt, and he was tall and handsome.. Since Stevie Thomas got fired from USTV, a television network, Jamie got to work with Susan Carol. This made Stevie jealous, even though Stevie was already Susan Carol’s boyfriend. The reason why Jamie was the hero in this book is because he had a tape recorder to remind himself of events. One day, he left it sitting in a room on the table. The next morning when he went in, it was still sitting there. Since Meeker, the person who was covering up the positive test results for HGH, was going to be in a meeting with Mike Shupe, he decided to turn it on and leave it sitting on a chair. This recorded the conversation of Meeker and Mike Shupe, and in this conversation Meeker admits to Mike Shupe about the cover-up, and proved that Meeker was the one doing the cover-up. This is how Jamie Whitsitt made a huge difference in this book.

     The author’s purpose of this book is for teenagers to enjoy mysteries and sports. The intended audience of this book are teenagers because that is about the age of the main characters in this book. I would give this book a rating of 7.5 out of 10.

Cover-Up By John Feinstein

     I am currently reading Cover-Up by John Feinstein. This novel is about a mystery at the Super Bowl. I haven’t gotten very far in it, but I just got to the point where Stevie and Susan Carol, the main characters, know something is wrong. They figured out that some players in the Super Bowl tested positive for HGH, a steroid to make you bigger and stronger, and someone or something is covering it up. There haven’t been any clues yet about who or what is to blame for this. This book was very slow at the beginning, but it has been getting a little more  interesting. I plan on finishing it in about five to ten days.

Favorite Sport Daily Journal

Day 1

We chose baseball as our topic. We got the opening slide done, the outline slide done, and the history slide done. We planned our rules slide and added a couple of pictures.

Day 2

                We finished the “what is baseball slide”, the rules slide, the equipment costs slide, and the favorites slide. We added some more pictures with effects. We also added part of the text effects.

Day 3

                We got the pictures on the closing slide. We finished the text effects and the click effects. We added slide transitions.

Day 4


Day 5

                We finished the picture effects. We finished the slide transitions.

Day 6

                We put in the music and hyperlinked the daily journals. We finished the PowerPoint.

A Quick Review of Change-Up by John Feinstein

Change-Up is a mystery novel written by John Feinstein. It is about a baseball player, Norbert Doyle who is playing in the World Series for the Washington Nationals, whose wife, Analise Doyle, died in a car crash twelve years before. Norbert said that there were two cars in the accident, and the one that killed Analise was a drunk driver. Stevie and Susan Carol, kid sports reporters and writers, figure out that Norbert Doyle is lying about this. They talked with him and his son and daughter, along with other people that could have been involved with this crime. Many of them are not telling the truth, but which people are they, and who is the person responsible for the crime? The theme of this book is that it is important to be honest and protecting people’s reputation.

I agree with the author’s point of view in this book. He was able to show that honesty is very important, and at the same time it is also important protecting people’s reputations. He showd this by having one of the main characters tell the truth about his past. Another main character protected his reputation. There are very many strengths in this book. It is a good mystery, and it has well-developed characters. I would say that this is a better book than most of John Feinstein’s other books. There isn’t many weaknesses except that there were some parts that were a little more slower than others.

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy mysteries and unexpected surprises. When John Feinstein writes, he brings everything together to make it all figure out, and the reader doesn’t expect the result. It has a great plot, and the story makes you able to be sort of like the detective. Finally, this novel teaches a great lesson about honesty.

A Lively Summary of Gordan Korman’s No More Dead Dogs

This novel by Gordan Korman, No More Dead Dogs, is a realistic fiction book. It is about a boy named Wallace Wallace who never lies. One day in his English class, his teacher Mr. Fogleman said that they were to write a summary of the book Old Shep, My Pal. Old Shep, which is the dog, dies in the book. Wallace hated the book and said that it was the worst book he ever read. He said to Mr. Fogleman that he knew the dog was going to die before he got to page one. Then Wallace and his classmates kept naming books about dogs that die at the end of the book. Mr. Fogleman then told Wallace that he would have to write a proper review of the book during detention. The problem with that was that Wallace had football practices when he was supposed to have detention, and during Wallace’s detention, there was a rehearsal for the play, which of matter of fact was Old Shep, My Pal. The theme of this book is to be honest and do what’s right despite the consequences.

I think that this would be  good book for a teacher to read aloud to his or her students. I think this because it has humor in it and the story flows quickly. This book is easy to understand so you won’t have to reread it. The writing style of this book is very unique. Each chapter there is a different point of view from someone. The chapter’s title starts with the word “entering. . .” and then has the name of the person’s perspective you are reading from. I like this type of unique writing. What I also like about this writing is that there isn’t a place that I don’t understand. Gordan Korman makes the reading easy and fun.

I would recommend this book to people who like wacky and humorous books. It is a light-hearted book that makes you feel good about yourself. Also, if you get bored, just pick this book up and start reading it and have a laugh. Lastly, I recommend this book because it has interesting characters and plot.

Summary of Vanishing Act by John Feinstein

John Feinstein’s Vanishing Act is a mystery novel. Stevie Thomas and his friend Stevie are thirteen year old sports reporters and writers. Stevie was the assisstant of someone nameed Bobby Kelleher.  They went to the U.S. Open for tennis, and soon they would get one of the most miraculous stories in tennis history. Nadia Symanova, a Russian tennis player, is Stevie’s favorite girl player. When he, Susan Carol, Bobby Kelleher, and some other people were at the match waiting for Symanova to come out, they didn’t see her. They were wondering what was taking so long, and soon they saw security gaurds surrounding the person who was supposed to be the one playing Symanova. What was going on? Later they found out that Nadia Symanova had been kidnapped. Now Stevie’s time and all of his friends’ time at the U.S. Open bacame a place to solve one of the greatest mysteries in tennis. This book’s theme is bravery.

John Feinstein achieved his purpose in writing this book. He kept the events going, keeping the reader’s attention. He clearly states that the theme is  bravery. He got his message across with a good mystery with a twist at the end. I found this book, along with the book I read before this one, interesting. Some parts of this book were more interesting than others, and I found myself that I’d already read so many pages. I enjoy mysteries such as this one, especially when the author makes the ending very unexpected.

I would recommend this novel to people who like mysteries or sports mysteries. The book ends with a twist and gathers all the information from before to conclude that. Also, it keeps the reader’s attention with various exciting parts in it, and it just keeps wanting you to read more. You never know what’s going to happen next. Another reason why Iwould recommend this book is because it has a good theme. It shows that you can accomplish what you set your mind to do.

A Little Snapshot of The Big Field by Mike Lupica

The Big Field by Mike Lupica is a realistic fiction novel about baseball. Keith “Hutch” Hutchinson loves baseball. His dad, whose nickname also used to be Hutch, loved baseball, too, but it ended up breaking his heart. This is because he was a great shortstop, but he never made it to the major leagues. Before, when Hutch was young, his dad would teach him how to play baseball. Since then, Hutch’s dad had never really spent much time with him. Hutch played for the American Legion team, and his favorite position is shortstop. Soemone named Darryl Williams, one of the top best shortstops in Florida, took his position and moved him to second base. Darryl and Hutch argued many times and were never friends. Hutch’s team was good and had a chance at winning the American Legion tournament for the state of Florida. The finals would be played on television and on “the big field” which was Roger Dean Stadium where the St. Louis Cardinals played. Will Hutch and his dad get alongtogether? Will he and Darryl become friends? Will Hutch’s team win the tournament? This novel’s theme is to have determination and to never give up.

I liked the writing style by Mike Lupica. The book was in third person, but it felt to me like it was in first person. It had so much detail about the main character Hutch that I kept thinking that he was the narrator. This is what it’s like in other books by Mike Lupica. The one thing about this writing that I disliked was that it would have a bunch of small paragraphs that were one sentence instead of putting that sentence with the paragraph before it. I enjoyed this book very much. I am a big fan for sports novels, and I found this book interesting. It shows some real life issues about father-son relationship and friendship.

I would recommend this book to baseball lovers or to people who just like sports. The book always keeps you wanting to read more and never gets boring. Also,this book teaches a great lesson about never giving up. Finally, it has a lot of description and makes you feel like you’re there. Mike Lupica has written another fantastic book.